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Our technology division produces three core hardware IP product families: PowerVR multimedia IP, MIPS processor IP and Ensigma communications IP. By combining one or more of our IP families in their SoCs, our customers create semiconductor solutions for a whole world of products.

Meet some of our graduates

AndreaPowerVR Research

Andrea describes how our end-to-end development helps you gain in-depth understanding and identify research topics.

MarcinPowerVR Video

Marcin tells us about invaluable on the job training and the satisfaction of seeing your work enable real products.

PowerVR Multimedia

Our PowerVR multimedia IP technology family for graphics, video and display consists of the industry’s leading graphics accelerators for applications in the mobile, consumer electronics and computing segments. The exceptionally high performance and low power requirements of these cores enable a powerful and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D/2D graphics, ray-tracing, multi-standard video encode and decode and general purpose and image processing.

PowerVR GPUs, the leading solution for mobile graphics.
Louisa, PowerVR Graphics

PowerVR graphics IP cores have been selected by many industry leaders. PowerVR is the de facto standard for mobile graphics in phones and media players and is defining a new era of widespread 3D graphics and HD video in navigation, gaming, computing, set-top box/TV and more.

PowerVR in depth

Ensigma Communications

Ensigma connectivity, communications and networking IP can, singly or in combination, solve the fundamental problems that plague connected devices.

How do I deal with the proliferation of standards for radio and TV broadcast? Ensigma blends programmable and fixed function blocks to deliver flexible connectivity platforms that offer outstanding ROI compared to single-standard devices as well as exceptional performance.

Ensigma radio processors for all your connectivity requirements.
Rishika, Ensigma Communications

Ensigma RPUs are the world’s most comprehensive small silicon footprint, ultra low power software-defined radio solutions, delivering a fully-programmable engine supporting all forms of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as global DTV, digital radio, and FM receiver capabilities. Ensigma RPUs can deliver a wide portfolio of Wi-Fi solutions up to 802.11ac as well as the newultra low-power interfaces which are ideal for IoT sensors.

Ensigma in depth

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