Day in the Life

Tadeusz, PowerVR
"I really enjoy working for Imagination because of its informal culture of sharing and helping each other..."

Currently I’m working on the PowerVR graphics core. My tasks involve analysing problems we have with recently implemented features and fixing them. This way I can learn how the components work in detail which will allow me to design new features in the future.

Grzegorz, PowerVR
"I’m working on features which will be available in consumer electronic devices only in a few years!..."

During the last year of my studies at the Wroclaw University of Technology I started looking for a job where I could pursue my interests in computer graphics. The newly opened Wroclaw office of Imagination Technologies was a perfect match. In my job I take part in designing the simulator of the new PoverVR graphics accelerator. It’s very exciting: I’m working on features which will be available in consumer electronic devices only in a few years!

Our office “core” working hours are from 10:00 till 16:30. The remaining time I can plan myself. But the thing which I like most is open, informal, relaxed atmosphere and the culture of sharing. No matter what problem I come across I can always ask my colleagues for help and guidance. It helps a lot in learning Imagination’s very complex designs. I always wanted to have a job which involves certain amount of research and working at Imagination is exactly like this: we spend some time on research but it’s different from pure academic research: we can see our software working in millions of devices around the globe!

Maciej, PowerVR
"The thought that the software I’m writing works in millions copies around the globe is very rewarding..."

I’ve been always interested in computer graphics, I wanted to find out how it works in detail: how it happens that pixels on the screen make up a picture, and then it can be animated, it can be given depth and become a 3D animated movie… What powerful engines must have been behind? Working for Imagination is a big chance to get the answers for these and many more questions. Imagination Technologies and its PowerVR graphics accelerator are well known among computer graphics enthusiasts and it is very exciting to be at the heart of its design. Currently my job involves PowerVR RGS graphics accelerator development. I study the code, fix bugs and implement simple features.

It takes a lot of time and effort to understand how the software works. But the thought that the software I’m writing works in millions copies around the globe is very rewarding. I decided to apply to Imagination Technologies in Wroclaw because I’ve always wanted to work in top class, specialized and focused engineering company and I have to say that I’m not disappointed at all. I also appreciate that my job involves certain amount of research which is not that common in software industry.

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